Tanheath Hunt Club

Tanheath Hunt Club welcomes you to share our love for foxhunting. We are a small, friendly group of people who are passionate about our horses and hounds. We invite all horse enthusiasts to come ride with us-whether you are an experienced eventer, casual trail rider, or tired of the hunter rings.

In this modern era, we practice drag hunting, with a "two legged fox". Our "fox" lays a scented track for the hounds to follow, laying the scent as a real fox would, by running in circles, over stone walls, on a mad run through the fields and doubling back in the woods. As the hounds work, we often have a "check", which gives the horses a breather and the riders an opportunity to sip from their flask, as the hounds work to regain the scent. The hounds are beautiful to watch and magnificent to hear. It is a challenge to stay close to the hounds to watch them work, yet not interfere with their concentration.

Safety is paramount for horses, riders and hounds. There is a hunt protocol and etiquette to be followed, all deeply rooted in tradition and practicality. This ensures a safe but rewarding experience for all. Contrary to popular belief, it is not all mad gallops and jumping. We have two fields, or groups of riders, who are led by experienced foxhunters. The main field goes the fastest, jumps most of the jumps and is closest to the hounds. The hilltopper field is ideal for those who want to leisurely walk, trot and canter, maybe enjoy a short gallop, and pick and choose fences to jump, or avoid them altogether.

Our territory is North and South eastern CT, from the Mass-CT line, down to the coastline, and into western RI. Tanheath hunts on Sundays and mid week.